Visiting the Studio at Recent Work "IN FREIHEIT" (In Freedom)
Description from Dr. Jochen Kronjäger (in German)
Fascination Sculpture
27th May - 30th June 2018

Foto Galery
Exhibitions in BARCELONA
18th to 22nd of May 2016
and 2nd to 16th of June 2016
Galeria Art NouMil.lenni

2009 Visiting the Studio at
Kleinfeld Street in Mannheim
3:02 Min. more

Shortened Introduction
by Martin Odermatt

To 70th Birthday 2001
Interview in the Offener Kanal Ludwigshafen
4:30 Min. more

From Green Grocer to Artist
TV Programme SWR3 Landesschau

Sculptures in Clay at the Water Tower
3:54 Min. more
How these works have been created

2009 Exhibition at the Sewage Works Frankfurt/Main
3:26 Min. more

Artist Not Before Retirement
Interview on SWR4 Radio Kurpfalz
by Doris Steinbeißer

Exhibition “END AND RESTART“
2003 Interview at Ernst Bloch Centre Ludwigshafen
5:14 Min. more

Artist instead of Pensioner
Interview on SWR2 Radio Kultur
by Annette Lennartz

Exhibition at 80th Birthday
at the OLD BREWERY in Mannheim
Butho Dance Interlude, Alexander Peschko: more
Introduction, Dr. Jochen Kronjäger: more
Photo Documentation, M. Rinderspacher: more
Doris Steinbeißer: Interview SWR4

It is Never Too Late for Art
Newspaper Article in the
Rhein Neckar Zeitung

Gerd Reutter at SAATCHI ART more

at the Show Room Reutter
on 4th October 2014